Explore 6 captivating blue flowering trees and shrubs to transform your garden into a serene blue paradise.


Bright indigo blooms. Attracts hummingbirds. Perfect for hedges. Adds charm to any landscape.

Blue Satin Rose Of Sharon

Large, vibrant blue blooms. Drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. Fast-growing shrub.

True Blue Butterfly Bush

Attracts wildlife with true-blue blooms. Silver-gray foliage.  Ideal for small spaces.

Blue Chinese Wisteria

Elegant cascades of blue-purple flowers. Fast-growing and fragrant. Disease and deer-resistant.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Evergreen with bluish-lavender flowers. Drought-tolerant. Unique grape scent. Native to parts of Texas.

Tibouchina ‘Athens Blue’

Royal purple blooms late spring to fall. Lush, velvety leaves. Butterfly magnet.

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