Discover 4 fast-growing lemon trees that bear fruit quickly so you can enjoy fresh lemons in less time!

Zesty Fruit - Fast!

eureka LEMON

Ready to zest up your dishes? This lemon tree bears fruit in 1-2 years, with abundant harvests.

meyer lemon

A sweet and tangy delight, capable of fruiting in its 1st year. Thin-skinned and juicy, perfect for pies and more!

Variegated Pink Eureka

Pink-fleshed fruit and interesting variegated foliage! Enjoy exotic, juicy lemons in the first 1-2 years.

HARVEy Lemon

Brave the cold with Harvey lemon trees, offering juicy fruits in cooler climates than most. Suitable for growing outdoors in USDA zones 8-11.

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