USDA Zone 8 offers the perfect climate for a variety of fruit trees, from tropical citrus to classic apples.  Embark on a gardening journey with trees that thrive in this unique zone.


Zone 8 is ideal for the Gala Apple, a sweet and tangy favorite. Developed in New Zealand, it requires a pollinator partner but promises delicious early harvests


The Blenheim Apricot, loved for its sweet, aromatic fruit and stunning spring blossoms, thrives in Zone 8, offering both beauty and taste to your garden.


Not your typical fruit tree, the Strawberry Tree dazzles with fragrant blossoms and unique spiny fruits. It's as ornamental as it is edible, with fruits that taste like pears.


Adored for its tart fruits perfect for desserts, the Montmorency Cherry also adds ornamental value with its spring blossoms and provides a feast for local wildlife.

elberta peach

Indulge in the succulence of the Elberta Peach, known for its large, flavorful fruits. With its lush spring blossoms and bountiful summer harvests, it's a standout in any Zone 8 garden.


Experience the unique sweetness of the Sugar Cane Jujube, a tree that offers not just delightful fruits with a sugary apple taste but also ornamental beauty with its fragrant white flowers.

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