Discover the allure of orange flowering trees that transform any garden into a vibrant oasis.

Cape Honeysuckle

Brighten your garden with Cape Honeysuckle's vibrant blooms, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

Pomegranate Tree

Grow your own juicy pomegranates with this drought-tolerant tree, a fast grower and prolific fruiter.

Fiesta Hibiscus

Add a tropical flair with Fiesta Hibiscus's sunset-hued blooms, perfect for container gardening.

Sunbow® Solar Flare™ Azalea

Experience a Hawaiian sunset in your garden with the two-toned blooms of Solar Flare™ Azalea.

African Tulip Tree

Stand out with the African Tulip Tree's show-stopping orange blooms, ideal as a specimen tree.

Southern Silky Oak

Marvel at the Southern Silky Oak's yellow-orange flowers and lush, fern-like foliage, a towering beauty.

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trees that will add color & cheer to your yard!