Transform your garden into a wonderland with these pretty pink flowering trees and shrubs!

Welcome to Pink Paradise!

Pink Knock Out® Rose Tree

Enjoy effortless elegance with vibrant pink blooms from spring to frost. Perfect for any garden.

Double Pink Weeping Cherry

Dramatic pink blooms and a weeping form make this cherry tree a springtime spectacle.

Royal Raindrops® Crabapple

Fuchsia spring blooms and vibrant red fruits bring year-round beauty and bird visits.

Weeping Extraordinaire™ Cherry

Large, fluffy pink blooms herald spring, making every view a breathtaking one.

Thunderstruck™ Coral Boom™ Crape Myrtle

Bright coral flowers against black foliage offer a stunning garden contrast from summer to frost.

Pink Pom Poms’ Redbud Tree

Lush, robust lavender-pink blooms make this tree a standout in any landscape.

Aphrodite Rose of Sharon Althea Shrub

Two-tone blooms from June to frost. A hummingbird's paradise, adding vibrant life to any garden.

Summer Chocolate Mimosa Tree

Tropical vibes with burgundy foliage and fuzzy pink blooms. A hummingbird favorite!

Saucer Magnolia

Spectacular large, saucer-shaped blooms announce spring. A fragrant, eye-catching beauty.

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trees and shrubs that will transform your garden into a pink paradise!