Discover enchanting purple flowering trees and shrubs that will brighten up your landscape and boost your curb appeal!

Ann Magnolia

Ann Magnolia dazzles with fragrant purple flowers. A low-maintenance beauty for any yard.

Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda's lavender blooms create a stunning purple carpet each spring. Perfect for sunny spots.

Purple Robe Locust Tree

Fragrant purple clusters in spring make the fast-growing Purple Robe Locust a favorite.

Bubba Desert Willow

Orchid-like flowers adorn the Bubba Desert Willow, thriving in heat with minimal care.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Winter blooms of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree bring color when most needed. Perfect for warm climates.

Lavender Rhododendron

Bright lavender blooms in spring, the Lavender Rhododendron is a drought-tolerant standout.

Alley Cat Redbud

Alley Cat Redbud lights up spring with purple-pink flowers and variegated leaves. Heat tolerant.

Bloomerang® Lilac Tree

Enjoy twice the blooms with Bloomerang® Lilac, fragrant and colorful from spring to frost.

Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree

Catawba's purple flowers last until fall, offering vibrant color and stunning autumn foliage.

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trees and shrubs that will make your garden pop with color and charm.