Transform Your Yard with Tall, Skinny Privacy Trees Discover how to create a peaceful retreat in your yard with these stunning, space-saving trees that promise privacy and beauty.

Italian Cypress

The Italian Cypress stands tall and slender, reaching up to 40 feet. Perfect for narrow spaces, it offers year-round greenery and privacy, thriving in sun and heat.

sky tower ginkgo

The Sky Tower Ginkgo brings unique fan-shaped leaves to your garden, offering privacy, shade, and stunning yellow fall color in a compact, disease-resistant form.

Lombardy Poplar

The Lombardy Poplar grows incredibly fast, adding up to 6 feet each year! Its tall, columnar shape and vibrant yellow fall foliage make it an excellent choice for quick privacy.

Blue Weeping Alaskan CedaR

With its weeping branches and blue-green leaves, the Blue Weeping Alaskan Cedar adds a graceful, cold-tolerant option for year-round privacy up to 35 feet tall.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Ideal for smaller spaces, this Arborvitae grows to a modest 15 ft, forming a dense, green screen that doesn’t require pruning to maintain its neat appearance.

Choose Your Perfect Privacy Tree

From the fast-growing Lombardy Poplar to the elegant Blue Weeping Alaskan Cedar, select the tree that best fits your zone and yard size.

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privacy trees to transform your yard into a private retreat!