Explore 6 stunning yellow flowering trees and shrubs that promise to transform your garden into a vibrant, colorful oasis!

Yellow Trumpet Tree

Brightens spring with its yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. A beacon for bees and hummingbirds.

Columnar Goldenchain Tree

Clusters of vibrant yellow flowers drape elegantly each spring. Toxic beauty, handle with care.

Yellow Tropical Hibiscus Tree

Golden blooms from July to October. A tropical flair for any space, perfect as a patio plant.

Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ Tree

Early spring brings rare pale yellow Magnolia blooms. Hardy across many zones, offering a warm splash.

Tulip Poplar

Rapid growth meets spring flowers and yellow autumn leaves. The brightest tree in the neighborhood.

Lynwood Gold Forsythia Shrub

Announces spring with bright yellow blooms. Ideal for lively hedges or garden accents.

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trees that will add color & cheer to your landscape!