Discover 5 fast-growing apricot trees that bear fruit quickly so you can enjoy succulent apricots in less time!

Delicious Apricots in Less Time!

Moorpark Apricot

Enjoy large, aromatic apricots early on. Perfect for fresh eating and canning. Extended harvest.

Blenheim apricot

World-renowned for its sweet, juicy fruits. Ideal for drying and fresh snacks. Can fruit in the first year.

Chinese Apricot

Frost-resistant and sweet, perfect for varied climates. Delicious, freestone fruit. Easy to grow!

Gold Kist Apricot

Thrives in regions with warmer winters, yielding juicy, freestone apricots. Low chill requirement.

Puget Gold Apricot

Late-season harvests with exceptional flavor. Prolific, even in frosts. Lovely golden skin.

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