Discover the vibrant flowering trees that will add color and life to your Alabama garden!

Floral Glory in Alabama!

Flowering Dogwood

Spring in Alabama shines with Flowering Dogwood's pink and white blossoms. A deciduous beauty.


Lavender-blue trumpets of Jacaranda fill Alabama skies. A fast grower with a stunning display.

Taiwan Cherry

Bright pink blooms burst early on Taiwan Cherry trees. A dazzling start to spring in Alabama.

American Fringe Tree

Creamy-white, fringe-shaped flowers grace the American Fringe Tree. A compact charmer for any garden.

Japanese Snowbell

Japanese Snowbell's bell-shaped flowers dangle delicately in summer. Fragrant and inviting.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud's pink flowers herald spring in Alabama. An early nectar source for butterflies.

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