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Fern Berg, Founder


Tree Vitalize is a website dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and appreciation of trees, with a special focus on their planting, care, and identification. The founder, Fern Berg, established Tree Vitalize with the vision of creating a valuable resource for individuals passionate about trees.

One of the unique aspects of Tree Vitalize is its comprehensive coverage of different tree types and the specific needs of trees in various U.S. planting zones. This extensive information caters to both professional arborists and tree enthusiasts, providing guidance on the best practices for tree planting and maintenance across different climatic regions.

Tree Vitalize’s mission is centered on empowering people with the knowledge necessary to care for trees effectively. The team believes that understanding the diverse benefits of trees will inspire more people to engage in tree planting and care, contributing positively to the environment and communities.

Tree Vitalize also extends its presence online through platforms like YouTube, where they share information and engage with a broader audience interested in tree-related topics.

Tree Vitalize Snapshot

Tree Vitalize is a valuable resource for tree lovers, backed by arborists, environmental scientists, and arboriculturists. With a focus on tree selection and identification, Tree Vitalize aims to support the health and diversity of urban and rural forests in the U.S.

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Press Releases

4 Dec, 2023

One Tree’s Impact: A Deep Dive into the Environmental Significance of a Single Tree


27 Nov, 2023

Tree Vitalize Study of 5 Million+ Trees Reveals the United States’ Most Common Trees


Tree Vitalize Publishes Extensive Study Analyzing Urban Forest Diversity Across 63 U.S. Cities


Our Mission Statement

By empowering you with information about planting and caring for trees, we hope to inspire you to plant your own.

When you begin to understand the diverse benefits of trees, we believe you will come to love them as much as we do!

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