Discover the diverse benefits of trees.

With proper care & maintenance, trees can truly enrich your life.

Tree Planting Programs You Can Get Involved In

The Nature Conservancy

Join the Nature Conservancy in saving the earth from deforestation by getting involved in their Plant a Billion Trees campaign. The goal of planting 1 billion trees all across the planet is a big one. With your help, they can do it.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity with a mission to support reforestation efforts, protect biodiversity, and create a healthier climate. In support of this mission, they planted 4 million trees in 2019!

Our Mission Statement

By empowering you with information about planting and caring for trees, we hope to inspire you to plant your own.

When you begin to understand the diverse benefits of trees, we believe you will come to love them as much as we do!

Father and son planting a tree

What Difference Can One Tree Make?

From sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to producing food, habitat and oxygen, one tree can make all the difference.

Follow along with our calculations to discover how much of a difference the trees in your yard are making, and be inspired to plant more today!