Emerging from the Embers, How the Lahaina Banyan Tree is Overcoming Wildfire Devastation

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In the heart of Lahaina, Maui, stands a magnificent witness to nature’s splendor and endurance: the Lahaina Banyan Tree.

Planted on a sunny day in April 1873, this young sapling from India was only 8 feet tall when it first graced the fertile Hawaiian soil.

It was gifted to mark the 50th anniversary of the first American Protestant mission in Maui, symbolizing growth and the blending of cultural roots.

As the years unfolded, the Banyan Tree transformed from a solitary sapling into a sprawling ecosystem.

Inside the Lahaina Banyan Tree Before the 2023 Fires
Inside the Lahaina Banyan Tree Before the 2023 Fires

Its branches and aerial roots extended to cover 0.66 acres, giving rise to 16 major trunks beyond its central core.

This natural canopy provided a cooling shade for the bustling market activities below, protecting locals and visitors alike from Lahaina’s intense sun.

Today, it is recognized not only as the largest Banyan tree in Hawaii but also across the United States, having witnessed over a century and a half of Lahaina’s evolving history.

2023 brought unprecedented challenges as wildfires, spurred by hurricane winds and severe dry spells, swept through the historic town of Lahaina.

2023 Wildfire Damage to Lahaina Banyan Tree
2023 Wildfire Damage to Lahaina Banyan Tree – Dominick Del Vecchio, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The flames encroached on the Banyan Tree, scorching its foliage and trunks, casting a shadow of doubt over its survival. The aftermath revealed a town striving to rebound and a natural monument in jeopardy.

Despite the devastation, the spirit of Lahaina remained unbroken.

Community efforts, spearheaded by dedicated arborists and supported by the residents’ deep affection for their iconic tree, kicked into gear.

An intensive care regimen involving irrigation, the addition of nutrient-rich compost, and soil aeration was adopted in hopes of reviving the ailing giant.

Arborist Steve Nimz played a crucial role, meticulously examining the tree for signs of life.

His findings were encouraging—beneath the burned exterior, the tree’s main trunks still housed live tissue, a symbol of potential revival.

In a resilient response to care and attention, the Banyan Tree began to show promising signs of recovery.

New sprouts of leaves appeared, signaling a slow but hopeful rejuvenation.

The community’s resolve was strengthened by these small victories, reaffirming their commitment to restore the tree’s vitality.

To facilitate this, dead sections were carefully removed, allowing the tree to concentrate its energy on the healing parts.

The surrounding soil was cleared to enhance nutrient absorption, and innovative techniques such as air layering were planned to eventually restore its grandeur.

The story of the Lahaina Banyan Tree is a narrative of unity, resilience, and the inseparable connection between a community and its natural surroundings.

Every new leaf and strengthened root narrates the community’s unwavering resolve to safeguard and cherish its natural legacy.

Banyan-Tree-Signs of Recovery
Signs of Recovery – Image Credit:

As dusk falls and the branches fill with the settling birds, the Banyan continues to stand proudly as a living heritage of Lahaina’s rich past and a symbol of its resilient spirit.

Digging Deeper


Nestled in the heart of Lahaina, Maui, the Lahaina Banyan Tree graces the historic Lahaina Banyan Court Park, a stone’s throw away from the bustling waterfront.

Lahaina Banyan Tree Covers 0.66 acres
Prior to the fires, the Lahaina Banyan Tree spanned 0.66 acres.

Type of Tree

The towering figure is a Banyan tree, scientifically known as Ficus benghalensis, renowned for its impressive aerial root system that allows it to spread far beyond the confines of a typical tree.

Is the Lahaina Banyan Still Alive?

Despite the severe damage from the 2023 wildfires, the Lahaina Banyan Tree shows promising signs of recovery, sprouting new leaves as it slowly regenerates under careful conservation efforts.


Around the park, several younger trees can be found, stemming from the Lahaina Banyan’s aerial roots, which have taken hold in the soil to form new trunks over the decades.


The tree’s health is meticulously maintained by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, which has implemented an irrigation system and other measures to protect the tree from environmental stressors.


The Lahaina Banyan Tree is not only a natural wonder but also as a cultural icon, having provided shade and shelter for community gatherings and celebrations for nearly a century and a half.

Park benches beneath the Lahaina Banyan Tree
Park benches beneath the Lahaina Banyan Tree (prior to the fire of 2023)

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