Beautify Your Garden with the Perfect Weeping Japanese Maple

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Nothing makes a statement quite like a weeping Japanese maple tree!

To help you beautify your garden, I have tracked down six of the most beautiful cultivars.

Are you currently growing any of these?

Let me know which one you like the best and why!

6 Stunning Weeping Japanese Maple Trees

1. Tamukeyama Japanese Maple Tree – Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Tamukeyama’

The Weeping Tamukeyama Japanese Maple, with its gracefully arching branches and delicately cut leaves, transforms through a palette of colors as the seasons change, from a radiant red in spring to a rich burgundy in summer, and then to a vibrant crimson in fall.

This charming tree is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to add a touch of elegance to their garden, whether as a standout piece in the front yard, nestled in a cozy corner of an oriental themed garden, or even displayed in a container for those with smaller spaces.

It thrives in areas that receive full to partial sunlight, appreciates well-drained soil, and prefers a bit of shade in the hotter afternoons, especially in warmer regions.

Growing to a modest height of 6-10 feet with a spread of 10-12 feet, the Tamukeyama Maple is easy to care for and brings year-round beauty to your garden with minimal effort.

It’s hardy in zones 5-8 and grows at a moderate pace, ensuring that it quickly becomes a beloved feature in your outdoor space.

  • USDA Growing Zone: 5-8
  • Average Mature Size: 6-10 ft tall, 10-12 ft wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Rate: Moderate

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2. Red Select Japanese Maple Tree – Acer palmatum ‘Red Select’

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature and have a fondness for rich colors in the garden, the Red Select Japanese Maple tree is a delightful addition.

Throughout the seasons, this tree showcases a magnificent display of colors, transitioning from warm purple in the spring to a vibrant mix of crimson, yellow, and orange in the fall.

Its modest size and beautiful weeping habit make it a versatile choice for any landscape and it thrives with minimal care, even in urban environments.

  • USDA Growing Zone: 5-9
  • Average Mature Size: 6-10 ft tall, 8-15 ft wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Rate: Moderate

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3. Red Dragon Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Red Dragon’

The ‘Red Dragon’ Japanese Maple is an exquisite choice for garden enthusiasts seeking a touch of elegance and vibrant color.

Its maroon to burgundy leaves gracefully transition to bright red in autumn, adding a dramatic flair to any garden or patio setting.

Perfect for small spaces or as a stunning potted feature, this hardy tree thrives in both sun and shade, making it a versatile and low-maintenance addition to your outdoor oasis.

Its weeping form and finely cut leaves, resembling dragon’s horns, offer a unique visual appeal, ensuring your garden remains a place of beauty and tranquility.

  • USDA Growing Zone: 5-9
  • Average Mature Size: 4-10 ft tall, 4-10 ft wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Rate: Slow-Moderate

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4. Waterfall Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Waterfall’

The Waterfall Japanese Maple is a captivating four-season tree that offers an elegant addition to any garden.

This shrub-like version of the traditional Japanese Maple is distinguished by its rounded form, vibrant cascading branches, and bright green, feather-like leaves that transition through a palette of golden yellows, brilliant bronzes, lush reds, and vivid oranges from spring to fall.

It requires minimal care, thriving in both full sunlight and partial shade depending on the climate, making it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking beauty without the high maintenance.

Perfect for creating serene landscapes, its unique cascading branches are ideal for framing aquatic gardens or standing alone as a tranquil centerpiece.

The experts at believe that the ‘Viridis’ cultivar is exactly the same as the ‘Waterfall’ cultivar.

  • USDA Growing Zone: 5-9
  • Average Mature Size: 6-10 ft tall, 6-12 ft wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Rate: Slow-Moderate

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5. Orangeola Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Orangeola’

The Orangeola Japanese Maple is renowned for its breathtaking orange-red foliage and gracefully weeping branches, offering a distinctive aesthetic that enriches any garden or landscape.

This versatile tree thrives in partial sun to partial shade, prefers well-draining, slightly acidic soil, and grows to be about 4-10 feet tall and 4-8 feet wide.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Orangeola provides shade and attracts wildlife, making it not only a visually striking addition but also an environmentally beneficial one.

It’s an ideal choice for adding a splash of color and elegance to your outdoor space, adaptable enough for container gardening or planting in the ground.

  • USDA Growing Zone: 5-9
  • Average Mature Size: 4-10 ft tall, 4-8 ft wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Rate: Slow

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6. Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum disectum ‘Inaba Shidare’

The Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple is a landscaper’s dream, offering a romantic and intricate presence in any garden with its weeping growth habit and deeply colored, dissected leaves.

Recognized for its robust growth, this maple variety features a striking upright trunk with gracefully spreading branches.

Not only does it boast deep red-purple leaves that transition to a fiery red in fall, but it also provides striking winter interest, making it a year-round focal point.

It is great for large containers or as a dramatic landscape feature, the Inaba Shidare thrives in well-draining, acidic soils, and its growth rate ensures it quickly becomes a cherished part of your garden.

  • USDA Growing Zone: 5-9
  • Average Mature Size: 4-25 ft tall, 6-20 ft wide
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Growth Rate: Moderate

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Why Sizes Can Vary

Weeping Japanese maple trees are often produced through grafting to preserve specific cultivar characteristics, including leaf color and growth habit.

Grafting onto different rootstocks, chosen for their disease resistance and hardiness, can also impact the resulting tree’s resilience and size.

Nurseries may use different grafts, leading to variations in the mature size and shape of the trees they sell.

This method ensures the trees mature faster and possess the desired ornamental qualities, though it means that trees from different sources may grow to different sizes.

If buying from a nursery, always check their specific recommended growing zones, and mature tree size to make sure the tree is the right fit for your garden.

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Let us know if you are growing any weeping trees and which ones are your favorites!

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