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Fern Berg - Founder

Expert Gardener & Horticulturist in Training

Fern has planted and currently cares for over 100 different native and exotic fruit, nut, and ornamental trees.

She also cultivates an extensive vegetable garden, several flower gardens and cares for an ever-growing happy family of indoor plants.

Fern has a special interest in biodynamic farming, food production and closed loop agriculture and is currently in the process of becoming a certified horticulturist.

She founded Tree Vitalize to help guide others with an interest in tree planting, identification and care.

Fern has contributed to many well known publications including The Spruce, Better Homes and Gardens, Gardening Know How, Parade, Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Best Life and Family Handyman.

Fern Berg Harvesting Kale
Fern in her home vegetable garden


Featured in Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, BestLifeOnline, LivingEtc, Yahoo Life, BHG.vom, Parade, Real Homes, FHM

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